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 About Quick Care Of Kansas City

Quick Care Kansas City was founded in 1990 by David Biersmith and has been serving the Kansas City Metro Area ever since.

We have a simple and yet powerful philosophy: provide the customer with quick and reliable testing services. Notice the use of both Quick and Reliable in the same sentence?

Let’s face it, this world is unpredictable and you have a business to run. How frustrating is it to spend days, weeks, months even trying to find the right hire for your business only to get to the screening process and they don’t pass?

This is why we partner with E-screen, an Overland Park based technology-enabled Third-Party Administrator who delivers your test results in as little as 15 minutes.

That’s right, you are going to know the results almost immediately.

Check out this video with a couple of our employees and our founder, David.

Questions? Shoot us a call at 816-241-4477 or schedule an appointment.

This is Kansas City’s premiere drug and DNA testing center, we enjoy having you stop by our site and look forward to serving you soon!