What two words are responsible for the guilty/not guilty rulings of thousands of men and women across America?

DNA testing. 

DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid, a molecule in our cells that contains different combinations of 4 different letters. James Watson and Francis Crick made history when they discovered it’s structure in 1953 and it has been used as a way to prove identity ever since.

And all you really need to know about it besides that is that it is the structure of our cells that makes us who we are.

Our hair color

Our eye color

The shape of our nose

Our personality

Our looks

All of this comes from DNA!

It’s completely unique and every living thing on earth has it. In fact, the two guys mentioned above won a Nobel Prize for it’s discovery.

It can be a fairly complicated topic, but don’t worry, we are going to walk you through it.

What can we use a DNA test for?

Since everyone’s DNA is completely unique, DNA is usually used in court cases to prove a person innocent or guilty. But it is also used in paternity tests.

How it works is you submit a sample of your cells, usually a cheek swab. The sample is looked at by a forensic specialist.

He or she compares this DNA with the other DNA in question.

Now this is where it gets interesting – 99.9% of all human DNA is identical!

So the job of the scientist is to examine down to that last 0.1% and see how closely the letters of the DNA sets match each other. The closer the two people are related to each other, the more that 0.1% will resemble each other.

It’s actually really simple and very similar to a  drug test:

DNA Testing Phials-The clinic takes a sample

-The sample is compared against a test

From here, the trained clinic employee (or the machine in the case of drug testing) looks for similarities and differences between the two samples. After over 60 years of practice, the tester will know if the DNA is similar enough to declare that it is shared by the two people.


Uses in paternity tests

The main private sector use (and the service Quick Care provides) is to use a DNA test to prove or disprove the maternity/paternity of a child.

Most tests can’t be used as evidence in court – but ours can be!

That’s right, Quick Care uses a scientifically backed method for the examination of DNA. Our test results have been used as evidence in court to prove and disprove parental obligations.

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How accurate is this?

Like we mentioned above – our testing is capable of being used in court! 

Our partner, LabCorp of America, has certified the test as 99.99% accurate in determining the relationship between two people. That’s the best results anywhere.

Bottom line – if it’s good enough to hold up in court, it can be counted on

Our testing has the same exact method that’s used to convict criminals or prove innocent a person on trial. The criminal justice system trusts these results with life sentences.

Simply put: it doesn’t get more accurate than that.