Red tape and slow bureaucracy – yeah we’ve been doing this long enough, we know how it goes.

That’s why IMC provides the most pain free Workman’s Compensation Services in the KC Metro area.

We take care of everything from the time your employee fills out his WC-280-AI all the way through his examination.

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Workmans Compensation Process

We fit into the second step of the Missouri Department Of Labor‘s process. Originally our medical clinic was started as a treatment center for injured workers on the job site.

Employers choose us time and again for multiple reasons:

  • We communicate with the employer directly, not through an insurance company.
  • Post accident drug and alcohol testing
  • On-site x-ray services
  • Expert physical therapy is provided for your injured employee

All of our treatments are done on site. No more hassle for you by dealing with multiple locations and facilities.

Get medical care

As employers, we are always on the lookout for ways to improve the security of our employees. So you obviously want a safe and reliable place for them to get their exam and treatment.

Industrial Medical Center is a one stop service for everything you need to get your injured employees healthy and back on their feet.

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